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Polka Dot Yearling FF LA.jpg
Ocean Bluff Farm Polka Dot
Barn Name: Polky

Doe : DOB 5/13/23

Sire: Eagle Meadows Zulu

Dame: Leisure Time CP Pandemic 

Linear Appraisal:

  • 2024 Yearling/First Freshener AGGG81



2024 - 1 Doe, 1 Buck

Pollka Dot Pedigree.png
Polka Dot Daily Milk Weights thru June.png

Please note that whenever the daily number is zero that is usually a show day and I just don't bother weighing milkings on show days. Most of the daily numbers are the combined AM/PM milking totals. Sometimes on show days or LA days only one milking will be recorded so the number shows as half the usual daily amount.

Zulu Profile.jpg

Sire: Eagle Meadows Zulu

Pandemic 2F Barn in the USA 2023.jpg

Dame: Leisure Time CP Pandemic

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