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2017 Kids

The Kids - 2017: TeamMember


DOE - DOB 8/27/17

Carnation's first baby. She was actually a set of twins but her sister was stuck in the birth canal. We managed to get her out in time to save momma but not in time to save her sister.

Not For Sale


DOE - DOB 8/29/17

Lotus and Clover were Primroses first babies. She had them with no trouble! We decided to thin our herd a little bit before the next set of babies to come in. After much debate we decided to offer up Lotus for sale. She is a lovely little goat and will make someone very happy!


WETHER - DOB 8/29/17

Clover came out and was strong from the beginning. A fun loving goat that was hard to let go. Thankfully we know he is in a well loved home!


Onyx Renamed Bessie

DOE - DOB 9/9/17

Bessies original name was Onyx to go with the gem theme of her mother Garnet. We changed it to Bessie because she looks so much like a little cow and it fits her attitude perfectly!



WETHER - DOB 9/9/17

Opal, aka, Opie was a family favorite! We really did not want to let this spunky little personable goat go but knew that we could because of the good home he was going too! Still miss him though. :)

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