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2021, A new beginning

After a very rough 2020.... 2021 is looking up! Our does this year all had successful births with one needing some outside assistance. Thankfully the vet was just 10 minutes away when we needed her and was able to come in and successfully deliver our two newest ADGA registered babies, Karlee and Charlee, a buck and doe. Picture of their cuteness below...

The next set of babies came from my last unregistered doe, Carnation (if I could only track down her previous owners and get her papers!). Carnation had a successful birth with another doe and buck combo we have named them, Splash and Flash.

Babies and Mommas are all doing well. Now that the does are really producing milk, I have been able to start making my wonderful Goat Milk Soap again! The first batch has just finished curing and restocks my Ocean Bluff Farm Honey & Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap that has been sold out for awhile now.

We have two farm tours we are giving to some preschool age children this week. We are looking forward to seeing the kids and (human) kids interact! Here is one last picture of Karlee because she is just so darn cute!

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