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 Stayawhile G Black Tie Spy Guy *B
Barn Name: Spy

BUCK - DOB 4/28/21

Spy Guy was bred by Jodi McDowell, Owner of Stayawhile Farms. This guy is super sweet and has high LA scores behind him on both his Sire and Dames side. His grandsire, SGCH PROCTOR HILL FARM KA KINGSPEAR +B appraised at EEE92 with a rump width of 40!

Sire: CH (pending) DCP KS King's Gambit *B


  SSS: SGCH Proctor Hill Farm KA KingSpear +B EEE92

  SSD: Sue B'S Caprines Sweet Clover 2*M

Dame: SG Stayawhile TV Camera Ready 2*M VEEE91 

  • 2018 Top 10 ADGA (#4 in nation-milk volume, #7 in nation-butterfat, #3 in nation-protein), 4-time Elite Doe.


  DDS: Fuji Farm ATS Mi Incentivo ++B VVV86 

  DDD: SGCH Honey Goat Blondie 1*M VVEE88

Linear Appraisal:

  • 2023 - GVV84 - 2yo

Black Tie Spy Guy Pedigree.png
CH DCP KS King's Gambit *B

Sire: CH (pending) DCP KS King's Gambit *B

Photo credit of Stayawhile Farm

SG Stayawhile TV Camera Ready 2*M VEEE91

Dame: SG Stayahile TV Camera Ready 2*M VEEE91

Photo credit of Stayawhile Farm

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