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  • Holley, Chief Milkmaid/Soap Crafter

Farm and Shop Updates!

Pregnant (not happy) Polly

Well I think I can safely say that Polly (pictured above) is ready for her babies to be born! Her official due date (March 14) is still just under two weeks away but, from her expression, I would say any day now would work just fine for her!

Above is a picture of her "trying" to lay down. As you can see she chose the sitting option! The doe right next to her (Primrose) is due just two days after her but not nearly as round as Polly!

I have added a new soap (pictured below) to the shop this week. It is a beer/goat milk soap!

I have incorporated hops flowers, that I helped harvest from a neighboring Whidbey farm, into it, as well as, a friends very favorite beer, Elysian Space Dust IPA. It has a wonderful lather and a very soft hops scent. I am in love with it and will be making more soon! Feel free to check it out in my Etsy shop at the following link Ocean Bluff Farm Beer & Goat Milk Soap.

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