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New kids, 700 sales, 1 year later... whew!

We have a lot to celebrate at Ocean Bluff Farm today. First off, Polly had 5 kids this morning. We went out to do chores early this morning and heard their little bleats. She was still cleaning them up when we first saw them. Unfortunately one of the kids was still born but the other 4 are doing great! Polly had 4 bucks and one doe. Polly appears to be doing very well and all the babies have already had their first meals. We will continue to monitor their progress closely over the next few days but all seems well so far!

Below are a few pictures of the gang.

Heat lamp is perfect for snuggling up for nap time!

Heat lamp is perfect for snuggling up for nap time.

Big Sis (Black) scolding all her brothers.

Big Sis scolding her brothers.

And why am I in this bucket....?

Why am I in this bucket...?

Second reason to celebrate is hitting the 700 sales mark in our Etsy shop today!

I checked my records and my Etsy shop had it's first sale exactly one year ago today! A big thank you to all my customers that have supported our shop over the past year. It has been a huge learning curve but a very rewarding and enjoyable process! Thank you!!

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